About Us

My name is Roy and together with my wife and family we operate the Tours and Lodge. We have built the Anavilhanas Village reserve, which is also the area on which our lodge was built on and which overseas the beautiful Rio Negro river.
Since many years we have been offering tours for guests from all over the world. Like so many happy previous visitorswe would be delighted to also host you during one of our next tours. I am fluent in Portuguese and English.
I had served the army for several years where I learned reading nature and the tracks in the jungle. You are very safe with me.

Roy grew up in the Amazon and had worked in the "Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel" and as a professional tour guide for many years. He also served the army for several years where he also learned reading nature and the tracks in the jungle.


During one of his guided trip through the rain forest long ago, he met his beautiful wife Antonia. They decided to follow their dream and built a unique guest house and lodge, which fulfils all ecological standards for a sustainable tourism in this area. 

We believe that by bringing tourism to the nearby village and surrounding area, we will be able to enrich the life of our visitors and locals.


Our tours are organised and guided in family size groups to give you a genuine experience. Tours are rich in details, impressions, variations, activities and culture. We want to offer you a real understanding of the Amazon, not only for its practical side but also for its rich history.


Please contact us for any questions or inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.