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Extra - Giant Water Lilies Day Tour

U$100.00 per person for the additional day tour:
Speciality -> Visit the Giant Water Lilies in the Parque Ecologico Januari by private boat.
Highlights -> Explore the unique giant water lilies you find in the Amazon Brazil region. Enjoy a direct private boat ride (no mass tourism boats) from our Anavilhanas lodge to the ecological park "Januari" where the water lilies grow best. 

Included are -> Journey from our Anavilhanas lodge with a private boat to the ecological park "Januari". Explore the Giant water lilies and get valuable information from you guide. After the excursion, you will be transferred to your Manaus hotel or airport if preferred. 


Tour Itinerary:
Morning pickup
  • On your last morning staying at our lodge, we will board our private boat after breakfast
  • After the check-out, you will already take your luggage with you
  • We leave the lodge and cruise down the Rio Negro to the direction of the natural reserve park "Januari"
  • Explore the giant water lilies, natural reserve area and animals
  • Our guest have the opportunity to enjoy lunch on a floating restaurant or in the park
  • We continue by boat and will head back to Manaus for our guests to arrive at their destination in the afternoon
  • We will transfer you either to your Manaus hotel or airport if preferred 


Please expect


  • Water lilies to be bigger between January and June
  • Water lilies to be smaller between July and December
Below 50% prepayment per person is charged during your online booking. This secures your package, room at the lodge and driver for your transfers. The remaining payment is due at the lodge.
(unit price represents the pre-payment for one person only)


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