New Tour - Native Indian Acai Berry Production

We introduced a new package with a unique tour. Visit a local native Indian Açai berry production and be part of it. This is a very exclusive and special visit we are able to offer due to our good relationship with the genuine local community.


The Açai fruit is world famous for its delicious and energising taste served in a bowl. 


During this special tour you learn how and where these berries are harvested. Moreover, a traditional local production explains how the Açai berries get processed to be then ready to be used in different recipes. The local community will allow you to take part of the production and take with you a sample you had processed together with the team.


Visitors coming to Brazil might have already received a breakfast bowl with fruits, that also contained the deep purple Açai base looking like yoghourt. In many hot areas (i.e. at the beach side) Açai is also served as a cold basis, which makes it very pleasant to enjoy during a hot day.


Explore our tours page where you also see the Açai package option. Don’t hesitate to contact us for questions.


Best regards,


Chris, Roy, family and team