The dry season from July to December

The Amazon region is very beautiful to visit no matter which month you chose. The weather patterns of the rainforest in Brazil do not change too much from month to month. However, we do have a more wet and a more dry season here.


Since July we have turned into the dry season, which last until December and has a few key characteristics to offer.

  • Temperatures are hotter during this season
  • They  vary between 26 and 40°C (78-104°F) during the day
    (nights are cooler)
  • Rivers are lower and contain less water
  • This season brings you more luck for fishing
  • It will be easier to spot birds, although a good guide will spot them for you any time
  • This season brings less mosquitos. However, our lodge is in an almost mosquitos free zone anyway (we are just lucky here)
  • It is a very good time to sport caimans as the lower water brings you even closer to the banks
  • Fewer rainy days, although you need to still expect sporadic showers, which sometimes can be heavy

We invite you to explore our great tours and excursions. The lodge has a unique view overseeing the Rio Negro. Don’t hesitate to contact us for questions. We would be glad hosting you at our place and show you the beautiful wild-life and jungle here.


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