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Book great packages out of one hand and away from mass tourism. You will be accommodated at our lodge during your whole stay where you enjoy  hospitality, tours, refreshments and meals. The lodge is located in the national reserve park "Anavilhanas" and offers 16 rustic rooms with private bathroom and shower. Rooms have a view into the jungle or over the river


All packages include staying at our lodge, listed excursions, meals and transfers from and back to Manaus. Please select your package of choice. During booking check-out you can chose your desired start date. Tours are provided all year round. Our guides are fluent in Portuguese and English. We look forward to meeting you.

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Packages start every day. During booking chose your start date

3days/2nights - Alligator Package
U$490.00 per person for the full package: Speciality -> Alligator/caiman night spotting. Pink dolphins.  Highlights -> piranha fishing, tour through the Anavilhanas island ... (Read More)
4days/3nights - Açai Production Package (Apr-Nov)
U$640.00 per person for the full package: Speciality -> Visiting a local native Indian Açai berry production and be part of it. Açai fruit is world famous for its delicious and energising taste served in a b ... (Read More)
4days/3nights - Jungle Package
U$570.00 per person for the full package: Speciality -> Sleeping in the jungle in hammocks one night. Alligator/caiman night spotting. Pink dolphins. Highlight ... (Read More)
4days/3nights - Relax Package
U$570.00 per person for the full package: Speciality -> Relaxed mornings allowing for reading books or sleeping in. Enjoy our hammocks overseeing the river bank. Alligator/caiman night spotting. Pink dolphin ... (Read More)
5days/4nights - Adventure Package
U$670.00 per person for the full package: Speciality -> Two days trekking in the jungle. Catch your own fish and prepare your food over the campfire with help of your guide. Overnight camping in the jungle. ... (Read More)
Extra - Giant Water Lilies Day Tour
U$100.00 per person for the additional day tour: Speciality -> Visit the Giant Water Lilies in the Parque Ecologico Januari by private boat. Highlights -> Expl ... (Read More)
Extra - Meeting The Waters Tour
U$60.00 per person for the additional morning tour: Speciality -> Boat tour Meeting of the Waters (Negro + Amazon River).  A world’s unique spectacle. ... (Read More)